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Why do iPhones have the best videos?

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iPhones, for the last quite a few years, have had the best videos on a smartphone. Despite all the competition from Samsung, Pixel, Oneplus, and more, Apple still comes out victorious with every new version. But what exactly is the reason behind it? Apple doesn’t have a 200MP camera like Samsung, nor does it have 10x optical zoom. So what is it that makes iPhone cameras so good, especially for videos?

iPhone 15 Pro Max (Photo by Thai Nguyen on Unsplash)

The iPhone 15 Pro Max was released quite a while ago, and it hands down has one of, if not the, best cameras on a smartphone especially for videos. There are various hardware and software factors that make the cameras on this phone so good.


Starting with the hardware, the iPhone 15 Pro Max comes with a large sensor. The larger the sensor is, the more light the camera can capture and the better the videos and photos will be. It also results in better dynamic range which means that the phone can capture a wider range of tones.

Sensor Stability

Another big feature is stabilization. The cameras in the iPhone 15 Pro Max actually move along with the phone when recording videos. This leads to videos being really steady. However, this is nothing extraordinary. Many premium phones have this feature. What makes it special on the iPhone is that the videos are “actually useable”. You see when you record videos on the ultra steady mode (or the action mode), you compromise on stability. And generally, the video turns out to be so poor that you wouldn’t want to use it anywhere. But, the videos recorded on the iPhone’s action mode are actually good in quality and stable at the same time.


Probably the most important factor in making the iPhone’s videos (and even photos) so good. The image processing on iPhones makes the videos look very sharp, rich, and natural at the same time. Also, videos taken in low-light conditions are really impressive. There is minimal noise in the videos and the photos, which is something Apple has especially worked on in the past few years. Also, the latest A17 Bionic Chip makes the processing much faster and better.

It’s not like all of these features are very new or rare or exclusively on the iPhones. But, what makes the end product so good is that Apple does it much better than all the other companies out there. That’s what makes them the king in smartphone videography.